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Frequently Asked Questions

Character animation videos typically involve the use of human characters to convey your video’s story. Whereas infographic videos generally exclude animated characters, and favour the use of other animated elements such as shapes and text instead. Videos with animated characters tend to be more complex to produce, and therefore can cost more when compared to infographic videos.

Currently we do not; our team and processes are specifically geared toward creating amazing animated videos in 2D.

All of our videos are delivered in Full HD resolution and in MP4 format.

When deciding the length of your video, it’s best to consider the video’s objective, target audience and the media platforms best suited for its distribution. We recommend that your video be no longer than is required to capture your target audience’s attention and to then convey your message. Video length between 30 seconds and 2 minutes is ideal for most videos.

Yes; you can browse and select the voice over artist and music track within our online library during the production phase. All are royalty free for your peace of mind when distributing your videos.

We accept all major credit card brands as our sole form of payment. 

They’re an excellent way to convey a range of business concepts, no matter their complexity or the nature of your target audience. Professional animated explainers reflect positively on your brand and can give your business a competitive edge. On average, an animated explainer video can be produced within a month or less. This is faster, less stressful and typically not as costly when compared to traditional video production which may require you to source production crews, models, locations, and permits. 

This varies based on your selection whilst specifying your video project, but at a minimum, you shall receive a ZIP file containing a colour storyboard with custom illustrations, a royalty free music file, a Full HD animated video in MP4 format, and the original editable file and corresponding links. If you select supporting ‘add-ons’ with your video, then these shall be provided where possible.

Every animated video ordered will include a colour storyboard with custom illustrations, a music file, a full HD animated video in MP4 format, and the original editable file and supporting links. If you select supporting ‘add-ons’ with your video, then these shall be provided where possible.

All of our videos use custom animations and do not use real-life footage.

During the storyboard development, animation & editing, and script writing stages, up-to one revision request is included in the price as standard.

Generally, we produce an animated explainer video within a month or less. Videos that have more complex production briefs require more time to produce. Also, revisions requests can impact the time required to deliver your video as well.