How To Add Humor To Video Marketing?

You have a corporate video project in Dubai. You’re racking your brain on how to make it relevant but interesting at the same time, respecting your brand and maybe even a very conservative board. But just because you have a corporate video doesn’t mean that you can’t use humor. Humor, used tastefully, can do wonders for video engagement.

Here are some helpful tips to add humor to your corporate video from a video production company in Dubai:

Consider animation

Let’s face it. Maybe your staff isn’t the funniest bunch. But using animation is a great way to add some humor to your corporate videos. Animated characters have a certain wit to them that your audience will appreciate. This way, you’re not asking your company’s president or CEO to make a joke he might not be comfortable with.

Use your customers’ pain points

Turning a situation your customer can identify with to a humorous bit can draw a lot of attention and empathy from your audience. Identify what makes your customers tick and provide a solution with your product in a comical way.

Add a funny sidekick

Sometimes humor is in the unexpected. If you have a serious protagonist in your video, embellishing the story with a few witty remarks can turn a boring video into a LOL moment.

Make fun of yourself

This might not be for everyone, but research shows that making fun of yourself can humanize your company and demonstrate confidence. Because, after all, demonstrating that there are actual people behind your company is a sure boost for your company’s engagement.

Are you ready to add some humor to your corporate video project? Contact us today for your video and animation productions in Dubai. 

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