Animated Explainer Videos are Great for Content Marketing

Let’s set the scene

A well-executed animated explainer video is a fantastic component of an inbound or outbound marketing strategy, and directly impacts traffic and sales. If your video marketing strategy doesn’t currently include explainer videos, here are some compelling reasons to add them.

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5 tips on how to use Facebook video ads to generate more revenue today

It’s no secret that video marketing is becoming more popular by the day, and tactics like using facebook video ads let you deliver targeted ads that convert very well

Today’s digital landscape is robust, filled with interactive content, and is very customer centric, but how do you form a winning strategy for your business? The answer to this question contains several parts, and if you stay consistent with your strategy you will succeed.

Video has seen an explosive rate of growth in the last few years, as consumers increasingly turn away from their TV, and towards the internet for an instant, personalized streaming services. However, one of the places where video seems to have the most significant impact on today’s consumers is in their social media feeds.

On YouTube, views of branded video content increased by 99% between the years of 2016 and 2017. On the other hand, on Facebook, views increased by 258% in the same period. It’s no wonder that marketers are starting to create more video content as part of their social strategy, with 48% saying that they produce at least 4 videos per month.

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Using video content to increase engagement on Social Media

The world of social media and video production are two of the most important elements now in bringing a more powerful marketing plan to a business. No matter what industry you’re in, it’s possible to create smart and cost-effective marketing simply by posting videos on your social media account.

Fortunately, video is a fantastic tool box in bringing something visual and compelling about who you are, what you offer, and why you are different. Let’s look at how you can use video content to increase engagement, by creating video specifically for social media, and what you should think about when posting it.

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Video SEO – How to Optimize Videos to Improve Your Rankings

Are You Getting the Most Out of Your Video Content?

Videos are one of your best inbound marketing assets, for reaching a wider audience and increasing customer engagement. However, with so much competition, you have to take certain steps to make sure your videos are ranked and noticed.

Just as you have to use SEO tactics to rank blog posts and articles, there are Video SEO strategies that help you get better rankings for your videos, both on Google and on YouTube’s own search engine. Here are 5 tips to help you get better results from your video content marketing.


4 ways that video increases conversion rates

Did you know 81% of businesses are using video as a marketing tool – up from 63% from 2017 reports? These numbers come as no surprise since consumers are significantly engaging more in videos for leisure and to stay informed and connected.

As a result, More marketing managers and SMBs have been able to leverage video content marketing to drive traffic after seeing that video increases conversion rates.

video marketing successfully promotes the vision, story, and why behind your business. Your viewers are easily able to connect and relate to your business. So, they’re likely to continue following you. It’s a proven way to accelerate your goals and increase brand visibility.

In fact, here are four ways that video content marketing increases conversion rates and why your business should implement this tool in 2018:

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4 reasons why video content marketing works so well

Have you noticed how many businesses are now using video across their online marketing channels? Simply put, video content marketing works.

In today’s increasingly competitive marketplace, it’s crucial to find new and immersive ways of making your product or service stand out in the eyes of your target audience. As “content overwhelm” becomes more of an issue for many browsers, videos can offer a quick and simple way for you to provide your customers with information and entertainment.

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